Classical Diary: "You look just like somebody else I know"

Kate Lindsey | 'You Look Just Like Somebody Else I Know'


To celebrate the release of her debut album "Thousands of Miles" on Alpha Classics, mezzo-soprano Kate Lindsey kindly agreed to share her Confessions with us! She appears regularly on the world’s most prestigious opera and concert stages, including the Metropolitan Opera, Wiener Staatsoper, Royal Opera House Covent Garden... and talking about the Met, we hope you'll laugh as much as we did when reading her anecdote below! And we advise you also watch this great trailer to get a glimpse of the recording of her new album, born out of her encounter with multi award-winning jazz pianist Baptiste Trotignon and featuring a rich and varied programme between classical music and Broadway. But now, the curtain rises and here come the Confessions!

What is your present state of mind?

Slightly Caffeinated (yes, in my world that constitutes a state of mind!)


What is the chief characteristic about you we need to know?

I have pretty bad rap as being a bad emailer. Always depends on when you catch me and what my state of mind is. However, I’m never offended by being nagged about it!


If you weren't a musician, what other job would you have wanted to do?

I most definitely would have gone into teaching.


What is your idea of happiness?

Happiness is unpredictable – most recently it was looking over Lac Leman as the water caught the sunlight.


What subject will always get you in a rant?

The US political situation and any situation I perceive as unjust.


You hate yourself when you…



Which fictional character inspires you?

I started watching The Good Wife a couple years ago, and I’ve really come around to the character of Alicia Florrick. She’s got a real sense of who she is, she keeps her cool when times get tough, and she’s extremely quick-witted and intelligent. ...all in the glossy magic of TV production!


… and in real life?

My mom- she gets things DONE! She’s very task oriented, and she gets to it! She also really cares about being helpful to people and contributing to the life of her community.


What pieces of artwork moved you lately?

I enjoy the work of short story author Alice Munro. I was reading some of her work a few weeks ago, and I was, as usual,  struck by how deeply engaged I became in those chapter-long stories. Each story packs a real emotional punch, and I think the depth of characters she creates in so few pages is a miraculous work of true artistic craft.


You are still laughing when you remember…

I was singing Annio a few years back at the Met. I had to make my first entrance running on through this big, sheer curtain. I ran through the curtain, but couldn’t find the slit between the two sides and got completely tangled up, twisting and turning trying to get out of it. Finally, I got myself loose and looked down to sing my first line, and there was Elina Garança and Barbara Frittoli completely losing it laughing at me. That would constitute as my most memorable stage entrance.


Your autobiography would be called…

'You Look Just Like Somebody Else I Know'


Time to talk about guilty pleasures, you would die for…

...a day lying on the beach with a really great book.


Where is your little piece of heaven in this world?

My flat back in London, actually. I’ve got this sweet chair where I like to sit at the end of the day while I’m watching the sunset. Usually our dogs want to hop up on the chair with me, making it a real squeeze, and in that moment, I sorta pinch myself that life can be so good.


Outside classical music, which song(s) will make you want to dance/sing/go crazy?

Classic 80’s/90’s Billy Joel.


The sound you hate the most?

The sound of an animal in pain. That rips me apart. 


Three words to describe the classical music world?

Ever-evolving, timeless, culturally indispensable.


What is your motto?

If it scares you, then it’s worth taking a closer look.