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Miranda: After Henry Purcell (Dir: Katie Mitchell). Opera Comique, Paris

An operatic creation of The Tempest de William Shakespeare to music by Henry Purcell.

In a small English town, a family gathers at Miranda's funeral. For her children and her husband, the web of time is torn. Yet, past and present merge when they talk about the woman she used to be. Their daily life is overwhelmed by a wave of emotions and memories.

After a first collaboration on Bach's cantatas, Katie Mitchell and Raphaël Pichon continue to explore the Baroque repertoire in a resolutely dynamic and contemporary perspective. 
Rooted in today's British realities, Miranda updates Purcell's oeuvre, especially the pages of timeless sensibility inspired by performance or the ordeal of death – a common experience par excellence. 
From his sacred compositions to his instrumental pieces and his scores for London's theatres at the end of the seventeenth century, Purcell inspires this production designed as a new opera and above all as a common space for meditation and solace.

Performances:  September 25, 27, 29.  October 1, 3, 5.